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DCR Posted on 29 Mar 2016

We've taken the decision in the practice not to open the DCR facility up to patients until we have received clear guidance and that S1 is capable of supporting the contractual requirements. Below is a copy of the statement we've posted on our website that other practices may want to use. This is an additional paragraph in the statement of intent that we had to post by 30/09/14.

We don't want to put patients (or the practice) at risk for the sake of a box ticking exercise by NHSE to enable at an organisational level.

 NHS England also requires practices, by 31st March 2016, to promote and offer the facility for patients to access online all information from their medical record which is held in coded form unless, in the opinion of the practice, access would cause serious harm to the patient's or any other person's,  physical or mental health; or that the information includes a reference to a non-consenting third party; or that the record contains a free text entry that cannot be separated from the coded entry.

We are currently awaiting clear national guidance relating to this and will open this facility up to patients once it is received.


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